22 Ways to Get Buy-In for Corporate Innovation

Getting sufficient, sustained buy-in from senior executives to go beyond paying lip service to it and “innovation theatre”, and invest in addressing the underlying systems, processes and values that often inhibit innovation at large organisations and compromise their competitiveness, is usually where the buck stops. The demands on the core business take priority, at the expense of adapting to the changing environment, the very definition of intelligence as defined by the late Stephen Hawking.

This report draws on our work driving change at large companies as well as from thought leadership in the space of not just management literature, but also evolutionary biology, psychology and sociology, because in order to see things clearly and influence human behaviour, we need to think holistically.

We aim to provide you with a number of different tools and tactics that you can explore to not only move the needle on getting buy-in, but keeping buy-in so you can drive change and unlock your and your organisation’s potential to do great things.

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