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Coding Concepts for lawyers


Simmons & Simmons

Simmons & Simmons is an international legal practice with over 1,500 people and 21 offices located in major business and financial centres throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia.


To ensure their firm stays relevant in this era of disruption, Simmons & Simmons wanted to invest in upskilling their lawyers in London on coding concepts to strengthen their understanding of the link between coding and the legal sector. They wanted to develop a customised program that taught their lawyers about the fundamental building blocks of software development and coding.


Collective Campus prepared a customised “Coding Concepts” 1-day course covering the following:
– Introduction to coding and its link to the legal sector
– Practical exercises in the building blocks of coding
– Working with data types
– Working with operators
– Applying logic to interrogate data
– Building a minimal viable product (MVP)
– Working with developers

The course included a hands on activity to teach lawyers the fundamental concepts of coding to build a solution.


Collective Campus delivered two workshops in London. The key outcomes for lawyers that attended the sessions included:
– Grounding in computational logic – complementing traditional legal skills
– Understanding of the link between coding and the law
– Greater appreciation for digital
– Ability to have better conversations with clients about technology
– Build better relationships with technology industry clients
– Better understand the potential of new applications
– Become more relevant to clients

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