Digital Awareness Webinars



Harneys is a global offshore law firm. They provide advice on British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Bermuda and Anguilla law to an international client base which includes the world’s top law firms, financial institutions and investment funds, as well as high net worth individuals. Their network is the largest among offshore law firms with 12 locations including market-facing offices in Hong Kong, London, Montevideo, São Paulo, Shanghai, Singapore and Vancouver.


Given the impact of technology on the legal industry, Harneys was keen to develop the basic digital knowledge, skills and awareness of their lawyers. Harneys wanted to open this training up to all their lawyers from offices around the world.


Collective Campus designed and develivered four live webinars on the following topics:
Webinar #1: The link between coding and legal services
Webinar #2: Blockchain and ethereum
Webinar #3: Linking Blockchain and smart contracts to legal services
Webinar #4: Future Trends


After attending the webinar, Lawyers at Harneys from around the world gained an understanding of:
– The link between computers/coding and the legal sector and how changes in technology are impacting information security
– The concept of Blockchain and build confidence in explaining this to other professionals
– What smart contracts are and the impact to the legal industry
– The future technology trends including automation, Artificial Intelligence and the crucial question of ownership

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