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With competition within industries increasing and customers becoming more demanding, there has never been a more important time to focus on delivering a superior customer experience. Through this course, your employees will be provided with the key fundamentals to understand your customers and create longer lasting customer relationships to thrive in this era of rapid disruption.

It is no coincidence that the most innovative brands in the world are also leading the way in customer experience. Brands like Apple, Disney, Zappos and Amazon are front of mind during conversations about memorable customer experiences. To thrive in this era of rapid disruption, other organisations also need to invest and focus on the customer journey.

In 2010 only 36% of companies expected to compete mostly on customer experience, whereas in 2016 that percentage increased to a staggering 89%. In fact, by 2020 customer experience will outstrip price and quality as the number one factor influencing a purchasing decision.

We can work with you to understand specific customer journey maps and develop a strategy to optimise your customer’s experience and we can also ‘teach you how to fish’, by giving your employees the tools they need to effectively assess and design exceptional customer journeys on their own.

Customer experience is the product of an interaction between an organisation and a customer over the duration of their relationship. Customers have access to numerous online and offline channels and they are not afraid to let the world know if an experience hasn’t lived up to their expectations. This course will look to address the different touchpoints a customer has with your brand through:

Customer Personas – Provide a human face to each of the different customer types of your organisation. Personas are critical input to developing powerful customer journey maps.

Customer Experience Journey Maps – These journey maps outline customer expectations, current journey steps and pain points. Most importantly, journey maps reveal improvement opportunities (including quick wins) to streamline the current customer experience and ways to WOW customers during their end to end journeys. Customer journey mapping is universally seen as an ideal starting point to understand your business from your customer’s perspective. They align stakeholders and help prioritise decisions on how and where to invest resources to differentiate your brand.

Over 86% of customers use more than one channel to interact with their company of choice. With the rise in the digital channels it now means that it isn’t enough to have individual solutions for your channels (social media, online and call centre). Today’s customer is using multiple channels when they interact with you, choosing to use whatever channel is convenient for them at the time they want to interact.

Building your customer experience is a marathon not a sprint. As competition continues to increase it is imperative that brands in turn continue to improve and enhance their customer experience. Brands such as Amazon (Jeff Bezos) and Zappos (Tony Hsieh) have leaders that are driving the customer-centric approach and it is time for others to follow in these footsteps.

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