Lean Startup Bootcamp

The effects of the lean startup bootcamp that Sportsbet employees took part in are still being felt over a year later. Bootcamp participants are questioning things, running lean experiments where they’re not sure of the answers and moving faster to get better results.

Leslie Barry
Head of Innovation, Sportsbet



Sportsbet is an Australian online bookmaker, and as of 2012 has been Australia's biggest corporate bookmaker.


Sportsbet wanted members from across its organisation who had no prior startup experience, but were coming together as part of an innovation project, to understand the lean startup methodology.


We took a team of cross-functional Sportsbet employees through a one day lean startup workshop, designed to take them through the end to end process of identifying problems and solutions, business modelling, identifying key assumptions and experiments, building prototypes, testing assumptions with customers, defining and evaluating key metrics, pitching their ideas and making pivot or proceed decisions.


By the end of the workshop, Sportsbet employees had:

  1. An appreciation for the lean startup methodology and how to build fast, measure fast and learn fast 
  2. Learned the value of moving quickly and how to prototype in a day
  3. Understood that ego must be put to the side when innovating as our initial assumptions are often flawed
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