Singapore Pools

Tech Crash Course

Steve provided a comprehensive overview of emerging technologies and key innovation tools effectively in just one day. This broad overview was useful for us to understand not just the technologies readily available in this era of disruption but also how to apply them.

Kevin Khoo
Singapore Pools


Singapore Pools

Singapore Pools was established by the Government on 23 May 2023 to provide safe and trusted betting to counter illegal gambling.


The $6B+ provider of Singaporean lottery and sports betting approached Collective Campus to empower its employees to become more creative and come up with better ideas.


Collective Campus delivered two one day tech crash-courses for 40 participants, which covered ideation methods, innovation theory, business model development and emerging technologies.


By the end of the workshop, participants used the methods and information described to generate over 150 ideas in 30 minutes across the two cohorts.

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