4-Week Prototyping Project to Identify and Test New Ideas

CC’s team learned from real-time analytics and made changes accordingly in order to help us maximise learnings and get closer to identifying what the market wants before investing time and money building out and executing on a business case.

Brenton Charnley
Head of Innovation, Metlife



MetLife Insurance is one of the world’s largest insurers with 90 million customers in over 60 countries.


CC’s challenge was to determine market appetite for the idea – which included testing the validity of the defined customer segment, problem, solution, features and business model. The purpose of this challenge was to come out with a go, no-go or pivot decision, ultimately optimising MetLife’s allocation of funds by going where the market wants to go.


CC built hundreds of ads and prototypes, such as landing pages, which served to not only help to validate and invalidate assumptions underpinning the customer segment, problem, solution, features and business model, but also provided additional insights and direction based on a comprehensive review of analytics. 


Market Validation & Knowledge Acquisition

Metlife Insurance decided to pivot in another direction based on the data and insights provided by Collective Campus. This saved MetLife time and money building out and executing on an expensive business case based on untested assumptions. This approach ultimately increases MetLife’s likelihood of success in innovation projects. 

Culture and Capability Change

Employees from MetLife Insurance were actively engaged throughout the entire process and this engagement helped to drive culture and capability change by demonstrating how Collective Campus took lots of small customer-driven bets in order to learn what was unknown, as opposed to the traditional approach of taking few senior management-driven large bets. 

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