FWD Group

Innovation Program


FWD Group

Established in Asia in 2013, FWD is the insurance business of investment group, Pacific Century Group. Over the past few years, FWD has grown rapidly across the region.


FWD identified a need to start shifting the mindset of employees and culture at its organisation, as well as identify innovative ideas in the insurance space. It was also after a way to bring together its Hong Kong and Singaporean offices.


Collective Campus customised and delivered a one-day corporate innovation crash course, one day design sprint and two day hackathon to help upskill employees on all things corporate innovation management and walk them through the ideation, prototyping and experimentation lifecycle.


The program culminated with a pitch to senior executives where support for several ideas was secured. Participants (who came from Singapore and Hong Kong) spoke highly of their experience as intense but rewarding, opening them up to a whole new world. The program received a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 50 which is considered excellent.

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