Agile Bootcamp

A great bootcamp session with plenty of information, examples, exercises and thoughtful conversations. I found the experience really helpful and we look forward to implementing a lot of our learnings in our process. I would recommend this course to teams who need to create change and innovate.

Mac Korasani
Project Management Lead, B2Cloud



B2cloud is Australia’s fastest growing app developer for mobile and wearable technology.


As a growing team, B2Cloud approached Collective Campus to realign its teams mission and vision with becoming more Agile.


Collective Campus delivered a customised 2 day Agile workshop at a level that all members of the organisation could appreciate and implement into their day to day work and into their communication with different parts of the business.


  1. Aligned teams understanding of Agile, including tech and non-tech staff 
  2. Improved task estimation accuracy 
  3. Improved the team’s ability to deliver features rapidly, on time and on budget 
  4. Greater customer-centric focus to product development
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