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UX Deconstructed

Hear from some of the finest minds in UX

Hear the thoughts of industry leaders on the major issues facing the UX industry, including future trends, the evolution of UX, and measuring ROI.  

On the panel, we’re delighted to have five of the finest minds in UX:

  • Sean Smith | UX Director @ U1 Group
  • Harriet Wakelam | General Manager, Experience Design @ Medibank
  • Peter Caddy | Experience Design Director
  • Louise Long | Head of Human-Centred Design @ NAB
  • Amir Ansari | Head of User Experience @ DiUS Computing

    Moderated by our Aquent Account Director, Michael Rummery, the panel will discuss:
  • How to impart design thinking into a business
  • Future trends and the evolution of UX
  • How to measure the ROI of UX




  • Where
    Level 1, 20 Queen St, Melbourne 3000
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