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Astronaut Center Operations

Enterprise Innovation Meetup

We proudly host the Enterprise Innovation meetup.

Note: this meet up is about innovation at SMEs and large organisations, not startups (although we definitely discuss how large companies can partner with startups for mutual benefit). Think organisations with at least 100 employees but more often than not our discussions focus on companies with 1,000+ employees given the challenges they face when it comes to creating something new. 

At the Enterprise Innovation Meetup, our aim is to empower and educate professionals at enterprise level to be agile, innovative and disruptive in the same way smaller organisations are. Let’s discuss ways where we can successfully navigate the fast changing and competitive business landscape and get ahead, regardless of the size or sluggishness of our organisations.

Our meetup group will include monthly get togethers at corporate offices, coworking spaces, and innovation hubs where we can socialise in a supportive environment and begin to think more laterally. 

We will host regular speaker nights from innovation leads at large corporates who can share their insights on how innovation is driven within their organisation, and what challenges they faced (and still face) getting there.

Whether you’re an executive at a large corporate, an innovation lead, an intrapreneur, or simply someone wanting to find out more about how corporates can innovate, this is the group for you!”

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