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Collective Campus Open Day

An open day for university students to experience the exciting world of startups.

Ever wondered what it’s like to work for a world famous startup? Ever thought it’d be cool to start your own thing? 

Experience the growing, exciting and fast moving world of tech startups. Learn how you can be part of the booming Melbourne startup ecosystem!

Collective Campus is an innovation hub and startup co-working space. We’ve been home to world-class startups, including ZomatoUberGeneral Assembly and Startup Victoria. For the first time ever, we’re opening our doors for students to experience the exciting world of startups. 

You’ll get to speak to some of Melbourne’s most notable startup founders, and get the insider story about what life is like in a startup. There’ll be tech demos, exhibiting cool things like Virtual RealityDrone technology and 3D printing. We’ll also be hosting some free workshops, giving you a taste of the practical skills needed in building (or working for) a startup, including Digital MarketingUI/UX Design, and Lean methodology

So if you want to lead a life that’s a little different or feel like you’re destined for more than just a desk job in a cubicle, make sure you reserve your spot! 


Josh Li



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    Level 1, 20 Queen St, Melbourne
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