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Startup High – The Business School For Teens (2-day program)

Startup High – The Business School For Teens (3-day program)

Startup High is a 3-day program aimed to equip teens with the fundamental mindset required to succeed in a fast moving century.  In an exponentially changing world, our education system is doing what it can to maintain pace, relevance and impart the skills required to prosper in the 21st century.

However, technology and business model innovation moves much quicker than the school system is capable of responding. As such, the very existence of jobs traditionally seen as ‘safe’ such as accounting is being questioned and today’s kids are facing an uncertain future in which they are likely to have several careers and up to 15 jobs.

Clearly, a capacity for personal reinvention and an ability to identify new business and personal growth opportunities will be of significant importance.

Collective Campus co-founder and program facilitator Steve Glaveski says that “kids are always asked ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ but perhaps we should ask them ‘what do you want to create’?”

Fundamental business skills will be absolutely imperative to success in the 21st Century.

Help your children learn the basics of business building and how to pitch their ideas. This week long class will introduce your kids to these principles in a fun and interactive way and have them solving real problems.  As part of the course work students will be introduced to building prototypes, websites, apps and 3D printed mock-ups.  Armed with this information they will be placed into groups of 5 and given the opportunity to create their own business and pitch to ‘grown up’ startups, investors and parents. 

Startup Kids Success Stories

• Nick D’Aloisio was 17 when he sold his news app Summly for US$30M.

• Juliette Brindak was 16 when she launched Miss O & Friends. It’s now worth US$15M.

• Cameron Johnson was 15 and earning US$400,000 each month with

Startup High aims to empower your children to reach their potential and take advantage of the unique opportunities that today’s business and digital landscape presents.

 Course Curriculum Ideas everywhere – how to identify an ideaSolving a real customer problem / introduction to Value Proposition DesignHow to make money / introduction to Business Model DevelopmentBuilding prototypes to test customer appetite for a product (see below for list of prototypes)Marketing / introduction to customer acquisitionHow to deliver your product / introduction to distributionMeasuring success / introduction to analyticsPitching to buyers / investors (parents)

Prototype Development

Part of the fun of this course is all about building prototypes to test customer appetite for a product quickly and cheaply, empowering students to take many small bets – a critical mindset to support innovation as they get older.

What kind of prototypes will they build?

  • Websites / Minimum Viable Products (MVPs)
  • Website Landing Pages
  • Mobile App Prototype
  • Powerpoint Prototypes
  • 3D Printed Prototypes
  • Paper Prototypes
  • Cardboard Prototypes
  • Sketches
  • Lego Prototypes 

Who Will Teach Your Children

Steve Glaveski, Co-founder of Collective Campus 

Previously founded, ran a live music venue and has worked in consulting for KPMG and Ernst & Young in addition to roles with Macquarie Bank and the Victorian Auditor General’s Office.

Steve facilitates classes on topics such as lean startup and enterprise innovation at Collective Campus and has worked with companies such as Sportsbet and Australia Post.

Qualifications: Master of Accounting, Bachelor of Business, Agile Certified Practitioner, Project Management Professional

Sean Qian, 
Co-founder of Collective Campus 

Previously founded Collins Collective and Queens Collective, both Melbourne tech startup coworking spaces.

Has also run an events management company, and been a registered migration


Prior to founding his coworking spaces Sean spent time in operations and business development at a Registered Training Organisation.

Qualifications: Bachelor of entertainment business management, Graduate certificate in immigration law and policy, Certificate IV in training and assessment.


Steve Glaveski

What to Bring

Packed Lunch for your Child


Day One 

  • What is a startup?
  • Why startups fail
  • Why startups succeed
  • Identify an Idea (if you haven’t got one already!) – don’t worry if it’s good or bad, nobody really knows at this stage!
  • The disruptive innovation litmus test
  • Tech risk vs market risk
  • The technology adoption lifecycle
  • Vertical v horizontal markets
  • Customer job to be done
  • Stand in the customers shoes and define the customer pain – is it big enough and real enough?
  • Defining your value proposition
  • Building your business model
  • Identify your riskiest and most key assumptions
  • Define where you are today and what your ideal is (how do you measure success?)
  • Define experiments to best validate or invalidate these assumptions
  • Intro to virtual prototypes and minimum viable products 
  • Minimum product v whole product
  • Learn fast, fail fast and iterate

Day Two

  • Prototype development
  • Guest Speaker – How To Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign to Validate Your Idea
  • Actionable, auditable and accessible metrics
  • Defining target personas
  • Lean marketing and customer acquisition
  • Intro to Analytics
  • Prototype presentation
  • Validated learnings presentation
  • Business model evaluation and update
  • Pivot or proceed decision
  • Funding Models
  • Guest Speaker – How To Raise Seed Funding
  • Compiling a Pitch Deck
  • Pitching Practice
  • Q&A with class and facilitator
  • Celebratory breakup drinks (!)


Collective Campus

1/20 Queen St, Melbourne 3000

  • 10:00 AM Tuesday, 19 January 2024  – 

    04:00 PM Wednesday 20 January 2024

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