Top 6 Innovation Centres in Shanghai

February 16, 2024

Top 6 Innovation Centres in Shanghai

Shanghai is fast becoming a leading global innovation hub, joining the likes of San Francisco and Singapore. The city is continuing to attract expat talent due to the high volume of global organisations that are establishing innovation centres in the region.

Here are 6 innovation centres in Shanghai that you should know about.

1. PwC

In early 2017, PWC launched its Shanghai Innovation Centre aiming to “create an ecosystem that supports Shanghai’s ambition of being a global innovation hub”. The centre has five key functional areas, including an incubator, emerging tech lab, catalyst workshop (sandbox), experience centre and a video and creativity centre. PwC hopes to combine experience and resources across Shanghai and globally to support companies looking to restructure their businesses through new business models.

2. Honeywell

Shanghai is home to the Honeywell Technology Experience Center and Security Surveillance Lab. The centre features a flight simulator, an interactive cityscape, and a modern home equipped with smart home technologies. Honeywell is using the centre to drive innovation based on the local needs of China, such as tackling the problem of air pollution. The centre boasts the immersive Honeywell experience, a tour that allows visitors to interact with technologies that are making communities in China safer and more innovative.

3. Johnson and Johnson

There has been a lot of buzz generated by the lab even though it is still yet to launch! JLABS will launch in 2019 and will be the first JLABS location outside of America. The centre will be home to approximately 50 life science and healthcare startups focusing on innovative healthcare solutions such as medical devices and pharmaceuticals. Once the 4,400 square metre facility is launched it will be the ninth JLABS location globally.

4. AXA

After first launching in San Francisco, AXA created its second lab in Shanghai. AXA labs focuses on identifying talented entrepreneurs, new customer needs and most importantly emerging trends. The team at AXA Labs both partners with startups and attempts to recreate best-performing model to tap into the market potential in Asia.

5. DuPont

DuPont specialises in science based products and services, with their Innovation Centre in Shanghai accelerating growth through their collaborations (customers, universities and research companies). The 3,800 square foot centre allows visitors to connect with more than 10,000 Scientists and Engineers from all around the world. This collaboration enables DuPont to create innovative solutions for the Chinese market while also identifying new business opportunities across other parts of the world.

6. Lego

LEGO is one of the most innovative companies in the world – in other words they had to be on this list! Although not specifically classified as an Innovation Centre, the LEGO office in Shanghai focuses on driving innovation. When the centre was built there was a conscious effort to focus on embedding new ways of working in the region. This new way of working concentrates on creating a flat corporate structure and eliminates all department boundaries, allowing for different areas of the business to collaborate and thereby act holistically.

Shanghai is in a healthy battle with Beijing and Shenzhen to be the innovation region of China. It is expected that over the next few years more organisations begin to set-up Innovation Centres in Shanghai as it is welcoming to Foreigners.

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Shay Namdarian

Shay is the General Manager of Customer Strategy at Collective Campus. He has over 8 years of experience working across a wide range of projects focusing on customer experience, design thinking, innovation and digital transformation. He has gained his experience across several consulting firms including Ernst & Young, Capgemini and Accenture.

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