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Webinar – Predictions for Enterprise Innovation in 2016

Webinar – Predictions for Enterprise Innovation in 2016

The rate of disruption to industry incumbents is increasing and 2015 was a testament to that – innovation consulting firm Innosight finds that 75% of the S&P500 is likely to be replaced by 2027 at current rates of churn.

Join us for our webinar on Predictions for Enterprise Innovation in 2016 as we explore what disruption looks like in 2016 and how companies might respond to these threats, backed by real world case studies.    


Steve Glaveski, Collective Campus

Steve Glaveski is a co-founder at Collective Campus where he helps companies adopt the mindset, methodologies and tools required to successfully explore disruptive innovation and new business models.  Steve regularly writes and delivers keynotes on enterprise innovation, having worked with companies such as Sportsbet, IBM, CapGemini, Downer Group, Australia Post and Carsales.

Brenton Charnley, KPMG Innovate

Brenton Charnley is an experienced management consultant and program manager of KPMG and Advance’s rapid growth entrepreneur program. He workls with startups, private enterprise and high-tech, highgrowth businesses offering guidance across abroad range of areas including innovation strategy. 


Steve Glaveski



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