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Astronaut Center Operations

Webinar – How to Innovate in the Enterprise

March 11, 2023

How many listed companies face de-listing in the next 5 years? Find out in the short 50 second video below – the number might astound you!


Why are so many companies at risk of extinction?

Because large organisations are built to deliver in certain environments, not to discover in uncertain environments – which is today’s reality. This FREE one hour webinar will focus on the mindsets, methodologies and tools that large organisations can adopt in order to successfully explore new business models and disruptive innovation, without compromising the core business, which after all, is what generates revenue today.We’ll also look at case studies of what’s happening across the globe and in our own dealings when it comes to successfully overcoming barriers to innovation, synonymous with large organisations.If you want to avoid the fate of that 1 in 3, then this webinar can not be missed.


Steve Glaveski



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