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Disrupt the Public Sector

July 27, 2023

As part of the Victorian Government’s Innovation Month 2016, Collective Campus is hosting a half-day conference called Disrupt the Public Sector.

We’ve grown accustomed to steadily falling prices and/or a better quality of products in many aspects of our lives. Be it transport (Uber, GoGet), accommodation (Airbnb), telecommunications (smartphones, Skype, call costs), music consumption (Spotify, iTunes), movie and television consumption (Netflix) and air travel (Jetstar) to name just a few examples.

Most other business and consumer goods have followed suit – this comes down to a focus on truly disruptive innovation.

However, in Government, prices have kept increasing and it is debatable as to whether performance has increased with it.

The public sector is not incapable of innovation – it innovates every day. However, most of its innovation tends to be focused on sustaining, incremental innovations, the types of innovation that drives prices upward.

Without embracing truly disruptive innovation, which by its nature is essentially cheaper and better performing over time, the cost of Government’s provision of services is likely to keep rising.


10:00 – 11:00 : Panel Talk – How can Government Move at the Speed of Light

Join us for a morning panel talk featuring thought leaders on disruptive innovation, startups, and government employees. 

11:00 – 12:00 : Hacking the Culture to Support an Agile Government

Steve Glaveski, co-founder of Collective Campus talks about the methods large organisations are using to ‘hack the culture’ and build more fast moving and agile organisations. 

12:00 – 1:00 : Starting Change – Using Technology to Help Serve Citizens Better

Mike Ebinum, co-founder and technology director of SEED Digital will give a talk on how technology adoption can help government agencies and improve engagement with citizens.

Team-Based Coworking

After the conference, Immerse yourself in Melbourne’s tech ecosystem by bringing your team outside the building and into the coworking space. Places are limited so make sure to register for the exact number of people in your team.

About the Speakers

Mike Ebinum

Mike is the co-founder and technology director at SEED Digital, a product development company that works with startups, social entrepreneurs and enterprises to help turn their ideas into sustainable businesses.

Mike has a Masters in Engineering and a background working for some of Australia’s top tier Digital Marketing and Management consulting companies like Deloitte, Isobar and DT Digital.

Steve Glaveski

Steve Glaveski is co-founder and Chief Innovation Consultant at Collective Campus.

Steve spent time working at the likes of Macquarie Bank, Ernst & Young and KPMG, before embarking upon his own entrepreneurial journey, founding Hotdesk, an office sharing platform with almost 1,200 locations across AsiaPac.

Steve is also a startup mentor, innovation writer, and keynote speaker, and is also a board member of AgTech, a federal government-funded initiative driving agricultural innovation.

Dale Dickins

Dale Dickins is a supervolunteer for flux in Australia’s recent election. Dale is a strong advocate for all matters open source and decentralisation, from food to software to governance. Some call her a supernode, a translator for developers and end users, connecting conversations so that projects come to life with minimal chaos. Her area of expertise is bringing structure to ideas that forward humanity, using blockchain technology.Creator of #TheBitcoinDoco, she was also Melbourne Bitcoin Technology Center’s co-ordinator for RMIT student projects and the instigator of CryptoGoss, MBTC’s fortnightly podcast.




  • Collective Campus
    1/20 Queen St, Melbourne
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